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By no means will this be completely finished (being Early Access and all that) because Rescue Mode adds so many new systems to the game and there are a thousand rough edges, but I'm pretty happy with the core mechanics as they stand right now.Things that have happened recently include a pretty decent audio system that makes the civilian scientists "express their profound distress" over the situation at hand, i.e. I find that it's a good balance, doesn't get in the way, and really complements the mayhem when things get out of hand.After this was done I started feeling that the labs constituted too large a safe zone, but after iterating on that a bit I found that I still liked the size, I only needed to figure out at way to make them slightly less overpowered.

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As I have noted, for the game to work with the "limitation" of having only a single weapon for a given mission then all those weapons basically need to be exactly equivalent, otherwise it just leads to a dominating strategy where there is obviously a single weapon that is best.The background is that previously civilians spawned in 3x3 "labs" that were isolated from the rest of the level by a heavy door.Heavy doors are just like the legacy airlock door, so they will automatically seal when no human is near and are also completely impervious to Beast damage.Of course if all weapons are equivalent then there is only one weapon; you see the logic.Allowing for the player to choose any two and swap between them at any time in the mission is my attempt to gain more use out of all the weapons that have been implemented.What I'm currently doing is instead introducing yet another type of "force field" to the game, what I'm calling "DNA screens".