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It could be an aerial photo of an oil spill: liquid spheres pooling, oozing, dwarfing a bedraggled landscape. And what's happening is exactly the opposite of what it seems. The genetically manipulated before me are highly crafted units of industrial production, which Amyris is using to turn sugar into novel versions of gasoline, jet fuel and diesel—in other words, the fuels on which the world already runs. Because as it stands, the main alternative to petroleum, ethanol (a type of alcohol), is fraught with problems.

I half expect to zoom in on poisoned seal pups or waterbirds dragging their oil-soaked feathers. Amyris is one of a handful of young biofuel companies putting a brilliant and weird twist on the future of green. It can't be pumped through current infrastructure because it tends to corrode pipelines.

"Once you've got something that works, you come here," he says.

This is where they work on the trickiest part of the process—gauging how the microbes will function on a larger scale.

They stir the contents and wait until greasy droplets of fuel float to the surface.

(Also present was another postdoc named Vince Martin, whom Renninger calls "the fifth Beatle.") "We'd bring a bottle of wine apiece and order some bad pizza or Chinese food and drink a fair load," Renninger says.

Over the course of an evening, "the productivity of those meetings went up and up and then slammed to the ground." At first, the group considered using algae to make biodiesel.

Researchers at Amyris perform hundreds of experiments like this every day.

Finally, we reach the "brewery," a room with exposed copper piping, several steel fermenters and a large vat towering on one side.