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She can also choose instead to wed one of the nine guardians, any of whom can be courted, and sacrifice her throne for true love.

The fear of dating

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Frank has been made aware of all these things yet still continues as before protesting his innocence!

Location: Christian Village George does not appear to have any profiles on dating sites at the moment, although he’s on Facebook.

The agent was apparently called Richard Buju, email [email protected], phone: 0205 64 63 91.

The phone number is actually one of Frank’s multiple numbers he uses. See the section on Christopher Agunor to see what Frank’s Photoshop skills can achieve!

In 2009, Frank claimed there was an agent in Accra who could obtain shengen visas for 2000 Euros.Most people are aware that many of his friends are scammers, such as Godwin Agomavi, Robbin Hernman, George Kosivi/Morris, Christian Agunor and Bismark Mensah.Surprisingly, people happily accept this and justify it by saying he has to keep them as friends to protect himself from them!Also note the email address and phone numbers below so that you can identitfy him.In these fake profiles he has called himself James and says he lives at Legon.Ever wondered why Franks profile is luckkelvin2007?