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In some cases additional feature type, elevation, or location details are provided. For each MODIS image, the algorithm automatically scans each 1 km pixel within it to check for high-temperature hot-spots.

Taupo, the most active rhyolitic volcano of the Taupo volcanic zone, is a large, roughly 35-km-wide caldera with poorly defined margins. When one is found the date, time, location, and intensity are recorded.

Nitrogen enters the Lake predominantly from groundwater, directly or indirectly via streams.

The caldera, now filled by Lake Taupo, largely formed as a result of the voluminous eruption of the Oruanui Tephra about 22,600 years before present (BP). Ground deformation in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand, observed by ALOS PALSAR interferometry. Each day updated global maps are compiled to display the locations of all hot spots detected in the previous 24 hours.

Fingerprints and age models for widespread New Zealand tephra marker beds erupted since 30,000 years ago: a framework for NZ-INTIMATE. The 26.5 ka Oruanui eruption, Taupo volcano, New Zealand: development, characteristics and evacuation of a large rhyolitic magma body.

Time series of line-of-sight displacement at Ohaaki geothermal field from ALOS PALSAR ascending path 325 starting from 20070113 (date in YYYYMMDD format).

We need to protect Lake Taupo’s water quality by limiting the amount of nitrogen getting into groundwater.

Another major impact on groundwater volumes in the Taupo area is geothermal abstraction for electricity generation.