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Children and older persons learning foreign languages have been demonstrated to: Thus, just like Latin once used to be taught as an academic exercise, mental gymnastics with the aim of cognitive training, it has been demonstrated that people who know more than one language usually think more flexibly than monolinguals.

Some people are not interested in learning a language from a territory or country whose culture has characteristics totally opposed to their own.

If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this website. There’s flimsy evidence supporting your claim, either historical or recent. “Unity” has by and large nothing to do with how many languages are spoken in a given country, rather it has everything to do with civility in its politics or religions. Yet there’s “unity” in spite of the many differences.

Has UK’s mulitingualism threatened “unity” of the Islands? Rather the exit from the EU is doing much damage to this “unity” you’re referring to; it is tearing the country apart and threatening to take the Irish isles with it. Reply Knowing English, Chinese & Spanish can help if you travel to most of the countries.

I disagree with Jimmy because unity has nothing to do with language, it’s the religions that are dividing people not language.

Reply i have own language, my country has various language because we are consist of hundreds cultures with its own language.