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Simplepie not updating

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For this reason, the link is required to be present for all feed items within each and every RSS feed.When deleting already imported feed items or posts, make sure to permanently delete them.I would like to try to catch and suppress these errors for this widget, and issue a more graceful error message.This widget is an RSS widget underneath, but we don't need to expose raw Simple Pie error messages for any of them.This is the option titled “Force full content” within the feed source’s settings.

Use force_feed() if you are certain this URL is a real feed.

From WP-Forums mailing list: Try to avoid force_feed, as Simple Pie is good at detecting valid feeds - if it's invalid, it's normally invalid for a reason.

Force feed action hook sample for further testing / reference: fail by design. force_Feed in Simple Pie was designed to handle incorrect mime types, not to magically fixed broken feeds. Simple Pie Ref: Word Press has this widget which maybe be useful for some users, but not so much for a fresh installed blog (and other user may not even be interested).

Scott JWalter's comment, might be an issue with Google's protection mechanism.

Makes sense to me, since I recently started seeing this error in 3.1 to 3.3 installs, not just in 3.4.