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There were reports of automatic gunfire in Kinshasa, and MLC representatives accused Kabila's Republican Guard of killing one of its men and injuring three policemen.On September 4, the CEI postponed releasing the results of the parliamentary elections by at least a day following the arrest of ten Bemba-affiliated election officials.The CEI was set to release the results of the parliamentary election in early September.On August 20, with almost all the votes from the country's 169 constituencies having been counted, the DRC headed toward a run-off election.

The DRC Supreme Court planned to announce the final official presidential election results on August 31.

While the official provisional election results were not to be announced until August 20, on August 7, due to the tense climate brought by the chaotic collection of results and after pressure from international envoys (led by South Africa), the DRC Electoral Commission stated that it would begin releasing interim election results as soon as the 20 percent vote count threshold was reached.

On August 8, some results were released, indicating that Kabila "overwhelmingly won" in the east while Bemba won in the west.

The government also imprisoned a journalist for “insulting the head of state.” Shooting of protestors by soldiers was routine.

but due to the remoteness of many polling stations, results were not expected to be finalised until three weeks after the polls closed.