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In this case the only reason it gets 3 points at all is due to the premise, but as far as the plot, the characters, the dialogue--and as another reviewer puts it, the execution, it is a genuine stinker.

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' VBA, or, Visual Basic, adds an incredible amount of power to Excel -- possibly at least 100-fold.

To get started coding VBA do one of the following: (1).

minus sign which inadvertantly became hexadecimal 96). Value = sx1 Next ccell End If '-------------------------------------------------------- ' SET BORDERS AROUND ALL CELLS If Left(UCase(s Show Borders), 1) = "Y" Then global Wksht. Several debugging options are available which include: displaying variable values with Msg Box, using Breakpoints in the Visual Basic Editor (Alt-F11), using Debug. Print (literals and/or variable here) with the output showing in the Immediate Window (CTRL-G), and, placing variables into the Watch Window. This Workbook: a special module section that applies to the entire workbook, click into any cell then hit Alt-F11 the F2 to bring up the window Microsoft Visual Basic Applications Editor for these special modules. Value))) = 0) ' If A1 empty, assume delete empty row For iii = 3 To l Col ' But first look at all other cols in the row to sx1 = Split(Worksheets(1). Address, "$")(1) ' see if any needed col hdgs (e.g. Some things I simply misunderstood Excel and/or VBA. /\/\ /\/\ And more often than not I have some unfinished things in here yet to complete. If one of the macros is called "Private Sub Workbook_Open()" (or Auto_Open() ) then it is executed as soon as the Excel workbook is opened (unless you hold the SHIFT key while opening it). Worksheet: rightmouse on the worksheet tab name and select View Code (that brings up the window Microsoft Visual   Basic Applications). Auto Filter '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' PUT THE CURSOR INTO THE UPPER LEFTMOST CELL OF THE WORKSHEET Application. Range("A1"), True '-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'Application. Screen Updating = True ' optionally turn Screen Updating back On/True End Sub '================================================================================================================ ' -------------------------------- ' OPTION #2: The longer version ' -------------------------------- ' Generic formatting of the given worksheet (initially using default values) ' Optional configuration file can override the default values of the default formatting Public Function Format Worksheet(Optional By Val s Wksht Name As String = "") As String Dim iii As Long, l Row As Long, l Col As Long Dim sx1 As String, rc1 As String, rc2 As String Dim s Col Ltr As String, s Top Row Range As String, s All Data Range As String, s Data Only Range As String Dim rng Links As Range, ccell As Range Dim i Top Row Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Top Row Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Top Row Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Top Row Font RGB1 As Integer, i Top Row Font RGB2 As Integer, i Top Row Font RGB3 As Integer Dim i Rows Even Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Rows Even Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Rows Even Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Rows Odd Fill RGB1 As Integer, i Rows Odd Fill RGB2 As Integer, i Rows Odd Fill RGB3 As Integer Dim i Column Widths As Integer Dim s Filtering On As String, s Filter Sort On As String Dim s Hyperlinks Activate As String, s Show Borders As String, s Word Wrap On As String Dim s Top Row Freeze Do As String, s Top Special Cleanup Do As String, s Top Trim Hdgs Do As String '-------------------------------------------------------- ' SET SOME HIGH-LEVEL VALUES If Len(s Wksht Name) = 0 Then s Wksht Name = Active Sheet.