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People carbon dating problem

When I say teen, I mean barely a teen, but still the biggest story out there. No family who cared so she was on her own and this actor took advantage of that and had sex with her. The actor was involved with a woman who is also an actress and is a good solid B-/C to this day. Two days later she was gone and so were his job prospects.
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Rape dating websites

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"We absolutely wouldn't see that, but we can understand the rape mythologies that might feed into that.So our concern is that they are even more under-reported in this area.

Whereas 84% of people convicted of stranger rapes have previous convictions, for those suspected of doing this through a dating website the figure is far lower at 49%, while the convictions they do have are less severe.“It is potentially quite a different type of character who is perpetrating these offences from our usual, if I can use that term, stranger rape case”, Mr Sutton said.“Is it displacement or is it a new breed?

The number of allegations of stranger rapes linked to dating websites has soared sixfold in five years, Britain's top crime-fighting body has warned.

National Crime Agency (NCA) figures show that 184 people reported being raped by someone they had met on a dating app or website in 2014 - up from 33 in 2009.

"This pseudo-closeness can happen very, very quickly, and we are saying you could be talking to a 14-year-old boy or a 60-year-old woman", he warned.

"Come back a step and take it on a face to face basis when you meet in public for the first time." Some 85% of the stranger rape victims are women, and of these 42% were aged 20 to 29 and 24% were between 40 and 49, meaning that middle-aged daters are more likely to be targeted by rapists online than in other arenas.