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Their lives couldn't have started out more differently. He lived on a dirt road with his mother and three sisters, sharing a home with another family of 15. But Henry refused to allow circumstances to interfere with his self-esteem and his plans.

"When I looked in the mirror when I was 19 years old, I told myself that I was going to be black the rest of my life and I was going to enjoy being me -- and I do," he said.

The couple began to see each other secretly in 1950.

A neighbor was soon designated to investigate the couple, knocking on their door. Her sons had to find the appropriate moment to show their teachers they could really read, she said. In their 34 years in Palo Alto, they have had many wonderful experiences, they said. I applaud the Fords for their wonderful, generous nature and the way they've lived their lives.

Even in Palo Alto, 34 years after they moved in, racism has intruded into their lives, they said.

But there is a strong measure of satisfaction in knowing they have thrived.

"I saw this cute colored girl, and I told the bus driver to stop," he said. In the first decade of their courtship, they kept their romance a secret.

Ford, the team's African-American co-captain, went to speak to the beautiful girl. It was a time when black men could be lynched in some parts of the country for looking at a white girl, and white women could be ostracized for dating or marrying a black man.