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The story opens at Tealove's Tea Room in Canterlot; Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have invited Twilight Sparkle and her friends to spend the day with them.At first, Lemony Gems and Diamond Rose are unsure why Cadance, a princess, would want someone as ordinary as Shining Armor as her very special somepony, but they quickly change their tune upon realizing Buck will be available.As the three concoct a plan for Cadance to escort Buck to the dance before she turns him down, Shining Armor and his friends come up with their own plan to reveal Buck's true colors to the school.The princess applauds the stallion's display, but her claps are soon drowned out by laughter and heckling, incited by Buck.Shining Armor and his friends shuffle away in humiliation.Back in present day, Pinkie Pie is in disbelief that the story ends there, but Princess Cadance corrects her: that's only how the story began.