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I wore it daily when we were dating and he was intoxicated by it, so its special to me. This was a complete blind buy and is one of my faourite perfumes of all time. I would describe it to the feeling you get after you had sex with the person you love and now you cuddle/chill afterwards and everything is just perfect. In the beginning it does smell, almost exactly, like Jacob's Daisy. Not completely maybe, but there is something fresh, sweetly, expensive shampoo scent like (Redken Real Control Shampoo). By the end of a work day I am stll getting complements though I have to put my nose on the last spray location. Nobody else mentions this I guess because the two fragrances seem so different from a marketing angle - but it's not a total olfactory mystery: the Prada comparison is suggested even in the opening where Eau Tendre has a distinct powdery sweetness which Daisy doesn't have but Candy does.

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Online dating has increasingly become a way for young people in Iran to connect, and, as of late, even get married, though the latter is still quite uncommon.

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He is a Sharif University graduate, brilliant and good-looking.

However, some of these websites are filled with shallow popular content.

One such site offers guidance to both genders, such as "being handsome and saying no to girls" or "expecting lavish gifts and saying no to boys." Neda, a 27-year-old medical student who lives in Shiraz with parents she describes as over-protective, tells Al-Monitor the only way she can find boyfriends is through chat rooms.

According to the Iranian Cyber Police, or FATA, a branch of the Iranian Disciplinary Force, such websites are illegal and the ones that do exist and are active, according to FATA's spokesman, β€œare operated by servers outside Iran and simply rip off users.” Reaching the managers of Iranian chat rooms proved to be a tough task.

I was finally able to interview two people, both of whom agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity.