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In describing how married couples split up chores, she says, "Fifty-fifty rarely happens.

Intimidating shout pvp

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Lvl 75 Tier: Actually every option on this tier is viable.

MSR if your partners do not have much to counter enemy CC, Safeguard for a really short CD possibility to aid your teammates if they're getting trained or Vigilance for a higher cooldown longer lasting defensive Cooldown if you find your Healer perhaps having problems with hard switches of certain comps.

Blizz actually made that feeling come back with this Addon.In some comps it might be helpful if you got a lot of Fear DR on your Team to quick-interrupt enemy Healers or even pushing them out of Line-of-Sight.You can also use it defensively and get enemy players off of your teammates if needed.In my opinion fury was playable since the prepatch for Wo D.The only thing that made it a bit hard for us with the start of season 1 was the lack of crit, and thus the lack of Enrage procs that we got.Last, we got Avatar back with a drastically lowered cooldown making it viable again.