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The loss is usually sensory and motor, which means that both sensation and control are lost.

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Mengele is best known for the horrible experiments he conducted on prisoners, some of which continued at Colonia Dignidad.

In his excellent article in “The American Scholar”, Bruce Falconer describes the paranoia in the colony: “The outer perimeter of Colonia Dignidad was marked by eight-foot fences topped with barbed wire, which armed groups of men patrolled day and night with German shepherd and doberman attack dogs.

It was a charade, but Schaefer turned to the children assembled before him and said that Santa was dead.

From that day forward, Schaefer’s birthday was the only holiday celebrated inside Colonia Dignidad.” “Colonia Dignidad, according to a former DINA agent assigned there in the mid-1970s, maintained powerful radio equipment, facilitating communication between DINA commanders in Chile and their agent saboteurs and assassins stationed abroad.

With no genuine external enemies to fight, Schaefer and his most trusted lieutenants turned their energies inward.

Schaefer’s primary contribution to Pinochet’s operations, however, came in the instruction of DINA agents in the science of torture. and Amnesty International both investigated: “Colonia Dignidad’s role as a center of political terror in Chile began to emerge only three years after Allende’s overthrow.The men and women were kept in separate residences, and the children were removed from the parents to be raised by “aunties”.Dicipline was severe, and the members of the cult worked long hours building a self-sufficient and industrious community.He called them “the rebels.” They could be identified by their clothing: the men wore red shirts and white trousers, the women potato sacks over their long dresses.The other colonos despised them, usually without knowing why.” “All challengers to Schaefer’s authority—real or imagined—were rooted out and destroyed.No one inspired greater love and admiration among the children of the Colonia than Santa Claus.