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Serbia's highest paid female DJ, she says that they have a continuing platonic bond.
This means that routines can be good for children’s health.

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So for 3 and ½ years Foster and Masterson’s clique basically never hang out publicly.

And then, as mentioned, Foster and Wright broke up last summer, and suddenly Foster is seen again sharing concerts and social media pictures and holidays with Masterson and the Scientology clan.

I believe Co S gives them more freedom due to Danny's valuable charisma and wide friendships.

They hire each other for TV jobs, photography, interior decorating, career management, etc.Foster has strong ties with all the Masterson clan and is close with all the clique of the Confederacy of the Dunces, is safe to assume he is a part of it. In fact there seems to be a strong friendship between Urbinati, Masterson, Foster and the late Goss kid.One very interesting thing is that Foster’s connection to the church and Masterson’s group seems to had vanished while Foster’s dated and got engaged to actress Robin Wright.This is good news compared to numerous Danny buddies with parents, siblings, and spouses entangled in Scientology.Many in Danny's second-generation circle don't boast lots of Scientology completions, and don't attend IAS and other Co S anniversary events.Of course we cannot know if privately Foster kept contacts, he probably did, but publicly he stop hanging out with them and Robin Wright has never been linked or photographed with Masterson or any of the Scientologists Foster has been friends with for so many years. For someone’s best friend and his fiancee to not have any kind of connection between them.