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The shadchan’s job has been made exceedingly difficult, she said, by a mysterious increase in the number of unmarried women within the Orthodox community.

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Seeing the need for an archive application with a Graphical User Interface, Nico Mak (then employed by Mansfield Software Group, Inc) seized the opportunity and developed the Win Zip application for Microsoft Windows. Win Zip 2.0 added support for ARC files, support for self-extracting ZIP files (ZIP2EXE), optional interface to Virus Scan software, dialog box to specify paths and filenames of external programs.Win Zip 3.0 added full support for LZH files, including self-extracting LZH files, configurable support for most virus scanners, simplified options to add and extract files in a subdirectory tree.Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Update\UX] "Is Converged Update Stack Enabled"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Update\UX\Settings] "Ux Option"=dword:00000000If you set AUOptions to “1”, Windows 10 will never check for updates. Notice that this will only work if you keep the default configuration of the above-mentioned Group Policy setting.Never check for updates If you choose this setting, please make sure that you update your Windows master image regularly.It can get on your nerves if Windows Update then starts installing updates again.Thus, I always disable Windows Update in my virtual machines and update my master image manually.Win Zip 1.0 was released in April 1991 as a graphical user interface (GUI) front-end for PKZIP. Originally released on Compu Serve, availability of Win Zip expanded across major online services, including GEnie, Prodigy and other online services.Earlier in January 1991 Nico Mak Computing released a GUI front-end for OS/2 Presentation Manager called PMZIP. In 1993, Win Zip announced the launch of its official support for customers on the Windows Utility Forum, serving over 100,000 members, providing updates and related information.

Whenever I am finished with a test, I delete the linked clone and create a new one to ensure that I have a fresh test environment.

Install updates automatically (recommended)" Write-Host "Enter any character to exit" Write-Host switch(Read-Host "Choose Window Update Settings") $Auto Update Path = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Windows Update\Auto Update" Set-Item Property -Path $Auto Update Path -Name AUOptions -Value $Update Value Please let me know if you know of other ways to change the Windows Update settings in Windows 10.

Update: This article about the Preview version of Windows 10.

Starting from version 5.0 in 1993, the creators of Win Zip incorporated compression code from the Info-ZIP project, thus eliminating the need for the PKZIP executable to be present.

From version 6.0 until version 9.0, registered users could download the newest versions of the software, enter their original registration information or install over the top of their existing registered version, and thereby obtain a free upgrade.