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Dating to relationship poem

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Poetry tends to get a bad rap in our culture, for its obtuseness, its inaccessibility and its pesky habit of making us think and feel things we might not want to think or feel. When you’re struggling with your sexuality or identity or finding the right words to explain your heart.“we all nourish truth with our tongues” by Dorothy Allison I learned then that what no one would saywas the thing about which nothing could be done.Yet poetry has the capacity to be the most life-changing of the arts. If they would not say Lesbian I could not say pride.

When you’re infatuated and everything feels intense, yet vague and uncertain.let’s live like the light that killsand let’s as silence,because Whirl’s after all:(after me) love, and after you. I shall be brief, but frank, Terse if not curt, aloof, though unswerving—What little we had amounted to nothing. I sit on a sandbank as I scribe this, For tonight the twilit beach is impossibly Gorgeous. No the two of us together Like the last time, but whatever. When the relationship wasn’t meant to be, but the sex was fantastic.“The Word” by Dorianne Laux You called it screwing, what we did nightson the rug in front of the mirror, drapedover the edge of a hotel bed, on balconiesoverlooking the dark hearts of fir treesor a city of flickering lights.May your desire always overcomeyour need; your story that you have to tell,enchanting, mutable, may it fill the worldyou believe: a sunny view, flowers lungingfrom the sill, the quilt, the chair, all thingsfill with you and empty and fill. An antique habit fromlast summer when we pulledeach other into the heat of groinand belly, slept with an armaround the other. This weighton the other side of the bedis only books, not you. And hurry, becausenow as I tire of my studied abandon, countingthe days, I’m sad. she'll turn your angerinto confessions of adoration,and she'll make you,everything you're worst of all, she'll leave you wondering-is it you she's in love with,or things she's created from you?but here's the beauty of it:if you date a writer, you'll never die.Whatever you want to say, composing an original poem will show your boyfriend how much you care.