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For example, Polaris, the North Star, is currently above the North Pole, but it has not always been so and will not be in the future.

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Agency gurus Eden Blackman and Nadia Essex have confessed that, whilst they’re big fans of Gemma, they ended up wondering if they’d be able to find her a match due to some unsuccessful first dates and her general GC-ness.Additionally, the Atlas sky globe shares no differences and many unique similarities with the constellations Hipparchus described in .The Farnese Atlas, dating to 150 AD, is a well known Roman copy of a Greek statue, and depicts 41 constellations, the celestial equator, tropics, and ecliptic.The works of Aratus (275 BC), Eudoxus (366 BC), and the Assyrian observer (1130 BC), are all too early, while Ptolemy's work in 128 AD is too late to match up to this star catalog.Providing more evidence that the constellation figures on the Farnese Atlas were based on a star catalog is that the accuracy is within 3.5 degrees - which would not be possible based on the simple verbal descriptions provided by Aratus or Eudoxus, which only have accuracy of about 8 degrees.Scientists have been able to match the constellations shown on the globe with descriptions from Hipparchus's only surviving work, , and have concluded that this is a marble copy of his star catalog.