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Okay, it’s time to have an open and frank discussion about the battle of the sexes and the dating game.
After a couple of unsuccessful years trying to sell Hamms beer to old Gunther customers, Hamms reissued Gunther Beer and the new cans read "Gunther Brewing." Still, finding out when the brewery was in business, along with the other information on this page, will help you find a date for your can. There are some exceptions from the 1970s and 1980s but for MOST cans, if it's a flat top, it dates from before 1967.

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For me personally, hearing some of the contestants' stories forced me to look at my own story and I actually had more things in common with some of the contestants this season than I admitted."As I'm helping them go through this journey it forces you to look at the person in the mirror and say, 'I'm not that different than you...I relate to you in more ways than I have admitted'.I've achieved everything with my pure hard work and determination."I came from the Soviet Union and really nothing and a very modest background and that's why I tell the contestants I can relate to them and understand them.I know what it's like to be judged and criticised, whether it's because of your weight or how you look or people looking at you with all these pre-conceived notions. The only thing I can do and that I control is that I can work hard, be the best human being I can and that's it." experience teach you about yourselves?Dolvett: "When you help someone out you learn a lot about yourself at the same time.When someone is obese and dealing with those issues there is a lot of emotional attachment to that, it's not just weight, it's emotional issues and your background.I was the one who went after this opportunity to be on the and to be able to have the opportunity to train with these people and help them become healthier.I've worked with the best nutritionists, psychologists, coaches, trainers all those things and I have stored all of that information."I have used my body as a tool my whole life on the tennis court being a professional athlete so for me it was that instead of listening to the information that was thrown at me, I was sharing it with the contestants."I didn't feel like I was replacing anyone or trying to fill in anyone's shoes - we all have our own style.

I've been working with kids in sports since 2003 and just promoting sports and healthy, active lifestyles so it was a completely natural role for me."Anna, what would you say to people who have never seen you train before and would assume you have been picked for your looks?

Anna and Dolvett spoke to reporters about their experience joining Do you feel any added pressure coming in after Jillian Michaels and the departures of Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova?

Dolvett: "For me there is no added pressure because I have been doing personal training for so long and I'm very confident with being able to assist people and change their lives.

Anna: "There are so many different stories and people can relate to one or more people.

Everybody has such incredible stories, whether they are young or older, I think it's definitely a feel good, incredibly inspiring show and obviously these people have tried to do everything they can when they are home to lose the weight and change their lives around and most of the time you need a great support system and team and education to turn your life around.