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I checkerboarded the tables so blacks and whites sat side by side. ’ I replied that they were the program.” The result, he said, was an amazing afternoon of exchange of information and contacts.

At the time, Mock, an educational psychologist specializing in human rights, hate crime and diversity issues and multicultural/anti-racist education, was the national director of the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.I have a bit of a hearing problem and a temper but I'm not aggressive.I put people before me and always try to lend a hand. There was one person I liked here and we exchanged numbers years ago and he called me and I thought I'd be alone that day but I was with my mom and my sister so I tried to keep mum...They feared that blacks would be stereotyped and negatively portrayed.” Wolfe invited his longtime friend, Arthur Downes, also a judge, and a man of colour, to work with him.“We already had an ongoing program with the Jamaican Society, so we invited them to a Passover lunch.We wanted to educate the students who needed to know that blacks and Jews had, and could, work together.” Zanana Akande, a high school principal, whose parents immigrated to Canada from the West Indies, was a participant in the dialogue.