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Speculations on the existence of a possible fifth member of the calcium apatites family, iodoapatite, have been drawn from energetic considerations. The accuracy of the model at room temperature and atmospheric pressure was checked against crystal structural data, with maximum deviations of c. High-pressure simulation runs, in the range 0.5-75 kbar, were performed in order to estimate the isothermal compressibility coefficient of those compounds.

The deformation of the compressed solids is always elastically anisotropic, with Br Ap exhibiting a markedly different behavior from those displayed by HOAp and Cl Ap.

We propose that the shallow- and deep-level orebodies at Luohe were deposited from the same mineralizing system and mineralization was closely related to the deep-seated diorite.

Most of the granitoids in the region can be grouped geographically into elongate provinces or belts, based on petrographic and geochronological features.- The Main Range Granitoid Province in western Peninsular Malaysia, southern Peninsular Thailand and central Thailand is almost entirely made up of biotite granite (184–230 Ma).

Trace element chemistry of the well-crystallized hydrothermal titanite from both deep and shallow ore bodies indicates coupled substitution of (Al, Fe), and the addition of elements such as Zr, Nb and REEs.

Titanite Zr-thermometry yielded a mineralization temperature of ca.

Hydroxyapatite, also known as hydroxylapatite, is the major component of tooth enamel and bone mineral.

A relatively rare form of apatite in which most of the OH groups are absent and containing many carbonate and acid phosphate substitutions is a large component of bone material.