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I am shocked by Chick's revelation though that TI is abandoning the whole project.

That does mean any modem based on these chips are going to be useless in a few years because manufactures will have to change and they will not write further firmware upgrades.

Good point, and from my experience with Telstra they just might use such lame excuse.

I think I might ask for a refund now when there's still someone to talk to.

The Speed Stream 4200 was never officially distributed via the standard retail channel and is generally only available from an ISP.

In many cases they were offered as a “free” bribe to sign up for an ADSL connection usually for a …

I've been having numerous conversations with Bigpond and Siemens in regards to the above issues with no definitive answers, so I've sent Siemens an extensive email about this issues as well as some of the major bugs found in their firmware and they are yet to reply. They will not provide service or firmware or anything...everything has to come via Telstra.

Therefore any warranty issues will be via Telstra and if you are no longer with Telstra they might decline to do anything about any problems you have.

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My advice is sell it on ebay especially if when you change over to iinet it doesn't work very well, which may well happen due to different dslam settings.If I was to churn Telstra is still responsible for the 2nd product I purchased from them being the hardware.Funnily enough with your hardware purchase from Telstra you also get Netgear adaptors and if there's any problem with them (warranty, hardware, firmware, software, or anything else) Netgear is the one you turn to. Even the techs who came out REPEATEDLY to replace my Speed Stream (5 times in total) would ring through to Telstra on a 1800 internal number and log the modem as being owned by me.I know it is ADSL 2/2 ready but I suspect the current firmware on it (from Bigpond) would not support it properly.I was wondering if anyone else took this step and managed to operate the Speed Stream 6520 on ii Net's ADSL 2 speeds or any other ISPs without any major issues.That suggests by the way to stay well away from anything TI adsl based if that is true.